139 Days After: Reflections on Life

139 days ago, the world as we knew it changed. In a matter of months, the pandemic brought us to our knees, forcing us to drastically alter our lives and adapt to a new normal. As we begin to take our first tentative steps out of this turbulent time, it’s important to look back and reflect on what we’ve learned.

This pandemic has been a time of great uncertainty and fear. We’ve had to deal with the ever-changing guidelines, the heartbreaking loss of loved ones, and the fear of the unknown. But we’ve also seen the best of humanity come out during this time, with acts of kindness and generosity becoming more commonplace.

We’ve had to learn to adapt quickly to new ways of doing things, from working from home to finding new ways to stay connected with family and friends. This has resulted in us becoming more creative with our lives and finding new ways to be productive, even in the midst of chaos.

We’ve also had to find new ways to look after our mental and physical health, from making sure we get enough sleep to finding ways to stay active and healthy. Taking the time to relax and appreciate the little things has become more important than ever before.

The Value of Human Connections

The pandemic has also highlighted the importance of human connections. We’ve seen how powerful a simple phone call or video chat can be, and how isolating it can be to not be able to see our friends and family in person. We’ve had to be creative in our connections, finding new ways to stay connected without physically being together.

At the same time, we’ve also seen how important it is to reach out and check in with each other. Knowing that someone is there to listen and support us can make all the difference in our mental health. We’ve all had to learn to be more open and honest with our feelings, and to ask for help when we need it.

The Power of Gratitude and Appreciation

This pandemic has also been a reminder to appreciate what we have in life. We’ve had to learn to be grateful for the little things, from a hot cup of coffee in the morning to the gift of seeing a loved one’s face online. Gratitude and appreciation can go a long way in improving our mental health and outlook on life.

Learning to Let Go

The pandemic has forced us to let go of expectations and live in the present moment. We’ve had to accept that things may not turn out how we want them to, and learn how to be flexible and resilient in the face of adversity. We’ve had to learn to be okay with the uncertainty of the future and to focus on what we can control.

The pandemic has also been a time of great growth and learning. We’ve had to take the time to reflect on our lives and make changes that will better our future. We’ve had to learn to be kinder to ourselves and to appreciate the little moments in life.


139 days after the pandemic began, we have all grown and changed in ways we never expected. We have learned to adapt to a new normal and to be grateful for what we have. We have also learned the importance of human connection, the power of gratitude and appreciation, and the need to let go of expectations. As we move forward, let us all take a moment to reflect on the lessons we have learned and how we can use them to make our lives better.